Role Experience

rememe - remix memes

Role Experience

rememe - remix memes

Role Experience

rememe - remix memes

rememe - remix memes

Apr 2022 - Feb 2023

rememe - remix memes

Apr 2022 - Feb 2023

rememe - remix memes

Apr 2022 - Feb 2023


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Role Experience Product Brand

Role Experience Product Brand

Role Experience Product Brand


rememe is a community platform dedicated to fast content creation with our unique canvas tools. The core experience is centered around remixing others' content to make it their own - continuing a chain.


Initially started as Collage - an app to viralize content through remix chains, rememe was born to expand on the capabilities of Collage. Our design system, Fruit Salad, consisted of a more fun and whimsical style with Comic Sans paired with punchy colors and tone of voice. rememe's new design system offers a more clean and modular presentation with SF Pro replacing Comic Sans. This change was decided to focus on the content itself than the template of the interface.

From its launch on April 2022, we went through multiple core feature shifts from groups (think Discord servers) to an app-wide chat to leaderboards to friends' face stickers on memes. Our team worked closely with existing users to see which growth experiment retained and which feature request was high in demand. The rememe in production today offers more of a freeform app experience.

Evolution of rememe from 🐥 to 𓅂

After 7 months of incubating, Collage officially launched on April 2022 and introduced many iterative features as prefaced. The rememe that was previously known was the vertical scroll - post per screen view. Through trial and error of these features, we ultimately came down to positioning rememe as the ultimate meme creation tool and have memes produced on the app be characteristically identifiable as created on rememe. It seems like memes are primarily created through a host of tools that are accessible yet too casual (i.e. Instagram/Snapchat/Screenshot editor mode iOS), or the inverse (i.e. PS Express/Piscart).

Serendipity thesis

With the future release of recompostable posts (posts with , but for remixing). It's clear that there is a social pull to being to remix content, and this is primarily enabled in the tooling. Every post is fundamentally a template, every image can fundamentally be a post, however the main pull is still the editor itself.

One of the factors that pulls people into the app is simply serendipity. It's clear that more than 90% of people are going to be more so passive consumers than creators as the active pool of users starts to scale.

They're interested in seeing content that's entertaining (not necessarily funny but entertaining) and it's curiosity and a thirst for more content that will keep them scrolling. Additionally, one of the key interactions of rememe; the act of remixing, lowers the barrier of entry to enter the discussion, and even facilitates the possibility of discussion around meme-making.

This is where "pure chance" comes into play as through seeing meme from others, and engaging with them, people are given the opportunity to form new connections decoupled from real-world identity. This has a good deal of staying power as people then become invested in some form of return with relatively low investment, as long as they're being notified of the continuity. This however, in a world where highly established platforms Twitter, Tiktok, Discord, and iMessage exist, will remain a second class function until there is some form of critical mass or exclusivity on the platform.

Quick tools - low effort high output

The key factor that makes people want to use rememe over other apps is the ability to rapidly create memes in various formats with low effort high output. Take for instance, deep-fried memes. It's a niche meme format that is widely distributed across subcultures of the internet but to create a deep fried meme requires using relatively advanced software or using some kind of clunky web tool at best. There is no way of rapidly getting the idea out into an image, except with rememe in 90% case.

Measuring success

If the build supports the performance criteria, then the following product KPIs are to be sought out;

  1. Memes made on rememe are shared outside of the platform and freely distributed on other social media

  2. A measurable increase in:

    • saving the completed meme (image save)

    • sharing the completed meme

    • sharing via share sheet

  3. TTM or Time to Meme drops for people even if you're starting with a blank canvas

    • This will entail optimizing the meme search experience and the tooling: keyword search of templates and solid template categories (e.g. rememe Friends)

    • TTR or Time to Remix also drops with recomposable memes

    • also we'll need to understand the community's needs and asks and be receptive to it while maintaining a solid product vision

    • increase in sharing of profile links

      • tied to consumption exclusivity as a motivator, some novel way of interacting with a post that makes downloading and consuming memes in app more worth it.


  • Time - need to get this iteration to market sooner than later (Jan 2023) but it needs to be well engineered

  • Existing tech debt - a good deal of cruft with navigation needs to be cleared before the team can effectively push this. Certain UI elements need to be fine-tuned to be smooth


  • There is a demand for a top of the line meme making tool

  • People primarily want to share to their existing social platforms where they've built an audience and clout

  • People care about new ways to interact with memes

  • Existing content is a powerful motivator to engage in a conversation

  • Marketing the platform as a place where you can be unhinged will lead to a more authentic experience

  • That people want to "be who they are not what the rest o society wants them to be" on a meme app