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Jun - Jul 2023

Process Design Website

Identity Website

The existing landscape on AI tools don’t provide data referencing. Lantern exists to provide a more seamless framework for AI applications. Executed the brand identity (typography, color, application, guidelines) and landing page.

- Factoring the Mark -

- Mark + logotype -

+ Website +

- Identity details -

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Localist - Hidden Gems Platform

Oct 2022 - Dec 2022 (2 months)

What is Localist? Why does it exist? How does it work?

Brand guidelines Design system (Components and Style Library) MVP of end to end consumer experience

Localist is a platform that enables people to share lists and recommendations with their communities in a way that is 10x better than what is available. Instead of sharing miscellaneous documents, texts, and notes, you can keep everything in one place. With Localist, you can discover new things to do, keep track of your favorite places, and see what your community loves, all with only the people you trust. There is no missed cross-platform information exchange or ad-sponsored disruption. I led the product design efforts in a 50 hour sprint distributed across 2 months and closely worked with the developer to ensure quality production.

How can we bring novelty into creating and viewing a Localist; a curated list of notable places?

Product Goals

How Localists serves these users

Existing market insights


Navigating Localist Features

Rememe app

Case Study

Tap Time - Clocking and Forecasting

February 2023

Overview Research For the Manager For the Employee

Market Analysis Deep Dive + Insights Focus Areas for the Admin Defining Entry Point Impact/Effort Matrix Design System + Brand Component Application on Flows Initial Testing Cycle MVP and Hand-off to Development

Tap Time is a management platform for retail and restaurant businesses to schedule employee shifts and manage departments.

Existing Market Insights

High Level Goals

Product prioritizing

Style Library



Localist - App of Places


rememe - remix memes

Apr 2022 - Feb 2023

Role Experience Product Brand

Design System Concept to Production User Feedback Interviews User Experience Audits Appstore Screenshots Product Copywriting Graphics for Marketing Material Feature Presentation

rememe is a community platform dedicated to fast content creation with our unique canvas tools. The core experience is centered around remixing others' content to make it their own - continuing a chain.

Evolution of rememe from 🐥 to 𓅂

Quick tools - low effort high output

Serendipity thesis

Measuring success

Closing thoughts and what is next for rememe

Rememe brand

Role Experience

rememe brand

Jan 2023

Intro Audience Principles Guidelines

Brand usage guidelines Tone and voice Style guidelines

Deliver an upgraded and sophisticated look and feel to the rememe ecosystem. Viewing rememe marketing assets should convey a feeling of scrapiness, controlled chaos, and excitement. The same should be applied to the mobile app.




Logo mark and type


Rebrand project